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  •    Your current contract
           is coming to an end                                                                 
  •    You’re transitioning from the military
           to a civilian career                                                                 
  •    You don’t want to be
           lost in a vast company                                                                 
  •    Who is the team to drive your success?                                                                 
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The federal sector is a highly competitive landscape filled with exceptional talent. Our government’s projects offer challenging, mission critical opportunities demanding your technical expertise while providing you the opportunity to serve. The current federal IT landscape demands that you remain on the cutting edge of certifications and technology. We understand you and the demands you face in supporting, mission critical technology programs. We understand your need for continued professional growth and desire to have your technical contributions recognized.

We know the world of government contracting, that’s where we live. We employ a highly seasoned team of government recruiters. We maintain a diverse portfolio of opportunities and extensive federal market knowledge. We understand where you have been in your career and are proud to work to take you where you want to go. We advise you on the best path for your career. Accelerating your career is our mission. Allow us to find you the right job, not just any job.

Our ideal candidate is passionate about our nation’s security, excited by mission critical work, extremely knowledgeable in technology, and possesses a security clearance.

About Whitridge Associates:

  • 20+ years of expertise in IT talent acquisition and defense contracting
  • Seasoned team with recognized success in placing consultants across diverse technical programs/contracts
  • Access to diverse, mission-critical technical projects  
  • Specialization in representing consultants with clearances

Your current contract is coming to an end. You are transitioning from the military to a civilian career. You don’t want to be lost in a vast company.


Think Whitridge. Think Success.