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Demand is changing the face of Healthcare IT

Posted by:whitridge in Healthcare IT
15 October 2013 0

As a result of “The Affordable Care Act” and ensuing healthcare reform, we’ve all heard a lot about the push for increased mobility.  With the adoption of EMR’s we’ve also seen an increase in Healthcare IT, including the use of tablets and smart phones by doctors, mobile health applications are on the rise, and patient portals will soon be in full swing.  Data is moving around rapidly and with ease – available where it’s needed most, at the drop of a hat – not unlike th...

The commoditization of staffing - At what cost?

Posted by:whitridge in Technology Careers
08 October 2013 0

The world of IT Staffing has changed dramatically. As technology and social media have made the world smaller, it has also changed the way we communicate. More and more people are letting their fingers do the talking rather than picking up the phone. In business, this depersonalization of how we communicate has become our new operating reality.  We have adopted this in the spirit of “greater efficiency and productivity” due to the demands of deadlines and busy work schedules. Employers ...

Recruiters: Good, not so good, what’s the difference?

Posted by:whitridge in Technology Careers
01 October 2013 0

As a recruiter, I've encountered many people that due to poor experiences with other recruiters prior to my contact have been reluctant to speak to me and refuse to acknowledge the value of a good Technology Recruiter.  I’ve always been capable of convincing them that it’ll be worthwhile for them to talk to me, I was trained how to recruit the right way.  For those who don’t return a recruiter’s call or give them a chance, I thought I’d share some thoughts on how to quickly d...

Online Staffing - the Future or the End?

Posted by:whitridge in Business & Technology
24 September 2013 0

For those of you that keep up with the technology staffing blogs and specifically Staffing Industry Analysts, you’ve heard a lot lately about the growing sector of Online Staffing. This technology allows a company that has tasks, either small and defined or large but capable of being divided into smaller discrete pieces, to distribute them through an online service platform to a “crowd” of prequalified, capable professionals to complete the work virtually. The estimated growth of this segm...

Information Technology will change the face of healthcare (or will a skills shortage get in the way?)

Posted by:whitridge in Healthcare IT
23 September 2013 0

The influence information technology has had and will continue to have on healthcare in the United States has been chronicled over and over during the age of the Affordable Care Act. It has been articulated possibly best by Farzad Mostashari who recently reminded the HIT Policy Committee of their present accomplishments. That being: four years ago 90 percent of hospital patient records, 80 percent of physician’s patient records and 93 percent of prescriptions were written on paper. In 2012, 44...



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