Memorial Day: A Day to Remember & Honor

Posted by:whitridge
25 May 2018 0

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, which is often celebrated as the beginning of the summer, let us not forget the primary reason for this holiday.

In the history of our country we have unfortunately had to fight many battles and too many wars, to both acquire our freedom and to retain it. This history of conflict has cost many lives and left our defenders both injured and displaced.

Let us all sacrifice a small portion of our free time this weekend to remember the brave soldiers we lost, do a little something for the ones still with us, those who may be overcoming disability or battling with personal challenges.

Being a veteran myself, this is a bittersweet occasion, recognizing the pride of having served, yet mourning the brothers and sisters that have been lost. This is a time for “small acts of kindness” toward our active military, our veterans, and most of all the survivors of combat injury that walk among us every day.

Place your hand over your heart and give a minute of thought and thanks for their sacrifice.

Try it, you’ll feel better by doing it.

Enjoy your Memorial Day!

This blog post was written by John Hennessy, COO of Whitridge Associates