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Whitridge’s Recruiters Know How to Ace a Video Interview: Here’s How.

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03 March 2021 0

Today, many companies are taking full advantage of video conferencing technology to interview candidates. Technology like Zoom allows hiring managers to interact with candidates in a way that phone calls can’t offer, simulating the in-person interview in a virtual space and keeping everyone safe in the process. Although this technology has had an invaluable impact on hiring in a pandemic, for many job seekers it is a whole new world. Aside from the many technical issues that can arise when usi...

Is There Room for Project Managers in an Agile Environment?

Posted by:Whitridge
09 February 2021 0

As companies adopt Agile mindsets some team members may question where they fit in their project, if at all. The Project Manager had a clearly defined role in Waterfall methodology but the Agile methodology is, at its core, a self-organizing team. Simply put, if the team is self-organizing, why do they need a Project Manager? While Project Managers may not have a role in the traditional sense, if they’re willing to adjust and better align their skills to the Agile mindset, they’ll prove to b...

3 Cisco Certifications for Business Analysts

Posted by:Whitridge
14 January 2021 0

3 Cisco Certifications for Business Analysts  At Whitridge Associates, we’re always searching for the top business and technology talent in Boston and across the country. Our Technology Staffing team has placed hundreds of Business Analysts at our client locations with a heavy focus on the Financial Services domain which looks to BAs to create efficiency in driving their projects to the finish line. defines Business Analysts as, “responsible for bridging the gap ...

A Look Back with Humility and A Look Forward with Hope

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04 December 2020 0

A Look Back with Humility and A Look Forward with Hope – Happy Holidays from Whitridge Associates It goes without saying, 2020 has been a challenge. Each new year we make goals for the next 365 days, preparing ourselves for success and for potential road blocks along the way. As we made our resolutions for 2020, we had no way of knowing the unprecedented challenges COVID would bring to our doorstep. From quarantining with our families, to adjusting to working fully remote, we pivoted, recal...

The Medical Device industry is clamoring for Software Engineers & IEC standard knowledge is a must.

Posted by:Whitridge
26 October 2020 0

Despite uncertainty in the overall job market, the Massachusetts medical device industry is booming. MassMEDIC’s second annual Massachusetts medical device industry report (2019) reported, “Massachusetts leads all other states in medical products exports as a percentage of total exports with a value of $5.7 billion,” and “The over 400 medical device companies in Massachusetts contribute 23% of the state’s total exports, again the highest in the nation.” Their findings also show...



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