Whitridge Summer Celebrations

Posted by:Whitridge
25 June 2019 0

At Whitridge we celebrate our team’s work anniversaries with a party – while all anniversaries are special, the summer anniversary extravaganza is something else entirely. Not only is it a celebration for yours truly (Danielle Larson, Social Media Coordinator and all around nice gal, if I do say so myself) but also for the glue that holds Whitridge together: Anne Marie Anderson, our Director of Finance and best laugh in the biz and Liz Nicholson, Operations Coordinator and basically anything else you ever needed but didn’t know who did it… i.e. “LIZZZZZ, my computer is broken!!!!”. The three of us decided, instead of separate parties, we wanted one colossal, spectacular, dare I say over-the-top ice cream party!

In the staffing industry it’s easy to think, staffing firm? That’s Recruiters and Sales, but there is so much more going on. From onboarding, to benefits, to 401k, to managing the website, to getting paid (what a novel idea, there’s actually someone back there making sure that happens every two weeks) – the back office makes sure everything is moving forward smoothly so everyone else can get to work. 

So from me, to well, me, Anne Marie, and Liz, you make the office feel brighter, run smoother, and sound louder – hey, we laugh a lot, thank you for everything you do for Whitridge.

This blog post was written by Danielle Larson, Social Media Coordinator at Whitridge Associates