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Everyone has the desire to succeed — we know that. At Whitridge, your success is
our livelihood, and we take that seriously. While scrolling over each image, look below the image to
see how you benefit from our Think Success philosophy.


We exceed expectations. We drive careers forward. We care.


Whitridge's strength is in matching its network of expert IT professionals with key business and technical positions at companies of all sizes. Our technology professionals fill a variety of roles, in many industries, ranging from Project Management, Strategic Planning, and various positions within the Software Development Life Cycle that require very specific technical domain expertise.

Since 1991, Whitridge has been working with client companies and job-seeking IT professionals to create and cultivate successful win-win business relationships. In that time, we've seen many changes in all aspects of information technology staffing, and we too have evolved, but we've always maintained our ability to help our clients and technology candidates ultimately succeed.


Think Success.


This simple statement is what drives every decision we make at Whitridge. It helps us stay focused on our priorities - the success of every client and job seeker we partner with. That's our promise.




(Please refer to the official summary plan descriptions for complete details)

Description Eligibility Detail

Tufts Health Plan (MA, NH & RI)
• Advantage HMO 1000 Deductible
        ($146.60 Ind, $463.73 Family)/pay period
• Advantage HMO 2000 Deductible
        ($127.75 Ind, $404.09 Family)/pay period

Tufts Health Plan (Outside of MA, NH & RI)
• Advantage PPO 2000 Deductible
        ($167.10 Ind, $528.57 Family)/pay period

1st of the
following 60
Whitridge pays 50% of an
Individual plan & 40% of
Family plan per month
Description Eligibility Detail
Delta Dental - PPO Premier Plus   
           ($25.53 Individual, $71.27 Family)/
           pay period
1st of the
following 60

Whitridge pays
10% of premium
Individual or Family

Description Eligibility Detail

Voya Retirement Plans
• Tax deferred contribution to 401(k)
   retirement plan w/a discretionary*
   employer match
           *Discretionary match is subject
            to change annually

1st quarterly
date following

2016 Employer
50% of the
first 6%
Description Eligibility Detail

Payroll deductions on pre-tax basis for qualified        
• $2,550 medical expense
• $5,000 dependent care

Within 30 days 100% Employee Funded
Description Eligibility Detail

Payroll deductions on pre-tax basis for qualified
• $255/mo Parking Reimbursement
• $130/mo Mass Transit Reimbursement

Within 30
100% Employee Funded
Description Eligibility Detail

Supplemental Employee Benefits                    
• Accident
• Cancer
• Disability
• Hospital
• Life
• Dental

Within 30
100% Employee Funded
Description Eligibility Detail
Eligible to accrue and use earned sick time:                 
• 1 hour for every 30 hours worked*
• Up to 40 hours per 12 month period*
• Rolls over into next year, cap 40 hours*
After 90 days Up to 40 hours per year*
      * Work in Mass,
        Jersey and New York
        City only
Some other states
and municipalities
are also eligible – see HR

The contents of this Benefits Summary Chart are subject to change at any time at the discretion of WAI and new policies or practices may be added or adopted at anytime with or without prior notice.


The Whitridge Way
not a Philosophy a Practice:
First we listen, focused on your attributes and aspirations.
Our conversations center around your career, and how to accelerate it, not just around jobs and who will fill them.
We’re not just tossing job descriptions out there, we’re matching people with opportunities.
We work to understand the person first, not the resume, and the positions come later.
Our commitment to consistent communication: pre, during, and post assignment by recruiting and sales alike.
Once you join the team we want to have you as a member for a career.
We are committed to open communication with all levels of staff, management and field employees.
Beyond you, if welcome, we want to connect with your family as well.
Unparalleled benefits for our consultants such as 401K matching, Health and Dental contributions that’s Whitridge.
We invest in our consultants; periodic access to free technical training for our active and past consultants.
Work in collaboration with our clients to assist in our consultant’s technical development.
Whitridge is focused on redeployment, we are committed to continuing a consultants’ employ engagement after engagement.
Our retention practices work, our redeployment and retention numbers are startling.
We strive to be recognized consistently as Best of Staffing, and have successfully, two years in a row.
Our quest is to be your “go to” partner and that’s The Whitridge Way.