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Boston: Randolph, MA

The engineering industry faces some of its greatest challenges raising the need for knowledgeable and innovative engineers. Finding the right professionals for your engineering projects doesn’t need to be a crisis. Our clients face these trials every single day and while they may prefer to look internally, requirements stretch internal engineering teams beyond their capacity. Our engineering recruiting team in Boston understands your growing requirements and we know how to address these predicaments with the community of ambitious consultants we have nurtured through the years.

With fifty years of combined experience in engineering recruiting, we thoroughly understand the world of engineering solutions. Our seasoned engineering recruiters in Boston will help you mitigate the obstacles that are holding your project back. We do not try to provide all things to all people, we know what we do well and we stick to those skills. We represent and employ an expansive community of engineering talent that is available on demand. Our engineering consultants understand the value of working for a trusted employer and their qualifications are validated through our extensive initial due diligence, and the relationship our engineering recruiters develop with them along the way.

We, at Whitridge, are not comfortable being satisfied with what we have accomplished in the recent past, our focus is on expanding our business into the future. We get to know our consultants by listening in order to discover their goals and career aspirations. We don’t want to just fit them into a job, we want to assist them in accelerating their career. Our engineering recruiting team's process of constant consultant communication via the phone, email, and in-person meetings results in a unique relationship within the staffing industry - consultants being treated as an integral part of the field employee population of the company. Our redeployment and retention rates far exceed the standard in the industry. We are prepared to provide you unparalleled talent with highly specialized engineering skills.

We are ready to demonstrate to you The Whitridge Way.


We work with:

  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Robotics
  • Semi-conductor
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Defense




Engineering Positions We Place


•    Analog & Design Circuit Design
•    IC Circuit Design
•    ASIC
•    FPGA/ VHDL / Verilog
•    Project Management
•    Controls Design
•    Instrumentation
•    Design Engineering
•    Research & Development
•    Process Engineering
•    Manufacturing Engineering
•    Industrial Engineering
•    Electronic Packaging
•    Project Management
•    CAD and CAE
•    Mechanical
•    Electro-Mechanical
•    Electrical Design
•    PCB / IC Layout
•    Mold Design (Plastics / Injection Molding)
•    Embedded Software
•    C / C++ / Assembly Programming
•    Real Time Code Architecture
•    Firmware (Front End / Back End Development)
•    Software Architects
•    Project Managers
•    System Engineers
•    Software Quality
•    Web Development
•    Testing & Analysis
•    Medical Device (Supplier Quality / CAPA)

•    Regulatory
•    Validation

•    Statistical Analysis
•    Design Control

•    Change Control


•    Buyers
•    Planners
•    Schedulers
•    Technical Writers / Editors
•    Proposal Writers
•    Graphic Designers & Illustrators


About Whitridge Associates:

  • 50 years of combined experience in engineering talent acquisition and engineering recruiting expertise
  • Seasoned engineering recruiting team in Boston with recognized success in placing highly skilled candidates
  • Robust internal candidate community of experienced engineering talent
  • Proven expertise in listening to and understanding your challenges and providing resources to overcome them
  • Engineering recruiting locations: Boston

Think Whitridge. Think Success.




The Whitridge Way
not a Philosophy a Practice:
First we listen, focused on your attributes and aspirations.
Our conversations center around your career, and how to accelerate it, not just around jobs and who will fill them.
We’re not just tossing job descriptions out there, we’re matching people with opportunities.
We work to understand the person first, not the resume, and the positions come later.
Our commitment to consistent communication: pre, during, and post assignment by recruiting and sales alike.
Once you join the team we want to have you as a member for a career.
We are committed to open communication with all levels of staff, management and field employees.
Beyond you, if welcome, we want to connect with your family as well.
Unparalleled benefits for our consultants such as 401K matching, Health and Dental contributions that’s Whitridge.
We invest in our consultants; periodic access to free technical training for our active and past consultants.
Work in collaboration with our clients to assist in our consultant’s technical development.
Whitridge is focused on redeployment, we are committed to continuing a consultants’ employ engagement after engagement.
Our retention practices work, our redeployment and retention numbers are startling.
We strive to be recognized consistently as Best of Staffing, and have successfully, two years in a row.
Our quest is to be your “go to” partner and that’s The Whitridge Way.