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Life Sciences Technology Recruiting

Boston: Quincy • Newton

Finding the right position for you in the Life Science space is a process. Our experienced Life Science recruiters work with you to identify the best match for your needs. At Whitridge Associates, we work to build lasting relationships with our consultants. We recognize your unique skills and experience. It is important to us to provide opportunities where you can succeed. We maintain a diverse portfolio of opportunities and extensive life science knowledge. Accelerating your career is our mission.

The Technology around Pharmaceutical and Biotech production is constantly changing and advancing. Companies require experienced, talented staff to achieve their goals. Life Science companies are challenged to continually innovate and meet changing marketplace needs.

Our clients count on us to find highly skilled life science candidates. We take the time to understand your ideal career path to make the best candidate fit possible. We recognize your unique skills and we work to provide the best match possible.

We are ready to demonstrate to you The Whitridge Way.


Specialization in Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, Statistical Programming and Analysis, Informatics, Project Management, Business Analysis:



  • Medical Affairs: Director, Manager, Specialists
  • Medical Writing
  • Medical Communications, Information
  • Data Manager
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Affairs: Directors, Managers, Specialists
  • Medical Directors
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Logistics
  • Clinical Trial Leaders
  • Scientists
  • In vivo Pharmacology/Toxicology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Translational Research
  • Assay Development
  • Data Quality
  • TMF
  • Data Architect
  • Clinical Monitor
  • SAS Programmer


About Whitridge Associates:

  • We service Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology clients
  • We provide talent to meet our life science client’s needs
  • Our consultants generate high quality, reliable and statistically sound data
  • Proven expertise in qualifying candidates for specialized life science opportunities
  • We provide Clinical Data expertise to Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) 
  • We specialize in filling not only highly skilled individual contributor roles, but also management level positions that match your company culture

Think Whitridge. Think Success.




The Whitridge Way
not a Philosophy a Practice:
First we listen, focused on your attributes and aspirations.
Our conversations center around your career, and how to accelerate it, not just around jobs and who will fill them.
We’re not just tossing job descriptions out there, we’re matching people with opportunities.
We work to understand the person first, not the resume, and the positions come later.
Our commitment to consistent communication: pre, during, and post assignment by recruiting and sales alike.
Once you join the team we want to have you as a member for a career.
We are committed to open communication with all levels of staff, management and field employees.
Beyond you, if welcome, we want to connect with your family as well.
Unparalleled benefits for our consultants such as 401K matching, Health and Dental contributions that’s Whitridge.
We invest in our consultants; periodic access to free technical training for our active and past consultants.
Work in collaboration with our clients to assist in our consultant’s technical development.
Whitridge is focused on redeployment, we are committed to continuing a consultants’ employ engagement after engagement.
Our retention practices work, our redeployment and retention numbers are startling.
We strive to be recognized consistently as Best of Staffing, and have successfully, two years in a row.
Our quest is to be your “go to” partner and that’s The Whitridge Way.